Banner Installation

  • The following is provided as a guide only, if in doubt we highly recommend seeking professional installation, especially for the larger decals – we are unable to issue replacements for errors caused by the improper installation or use of the product.
  • Do not install in cold or damp weather as this can hamper adhesion and significantly reduce the life of your decal, we recommend an atmospheric temperature of at least 15°C/59°F. Also keep in mind that the glue on the vinyl takes at least 24 hours to fully cure, so if the temperature drops overnight and/or gets damp before the decal has fully set, it may peel.
  • Once you’ve installed the decal, we advise against getting it wet for at least 48 hours to allow for proper adhesion and increase the life of the decal. 
  • For rear banners we do not recommend using your rear wipers until the banner has had proper time to cure. Once that time has passed using your wipers shouldn't be an issue as long as you have applied the banner correctly.
  • We do not suggest using wet method installation.
Step By Step: 

  1. Prepare the surface you wish to apply the sticker to so that no dirt, dust, grease or residue remains. Be sure to completely remove any waxes, gloss protectors or enhancers before you install, as these will all prevent adhesion to the surface. We strongly recommend using a clean microfibre cloth and isopropyl rubbing alcohol to prep glass surfaces. Soap and hot water can also be used as long as any remaining soap residue is rinsed thouroughly, otherwise the residue will affect adhesion. Do not use any dedicated glass cleaners as they are ammonia-based and leave behind a coating which results in peeling, and/or bubbling of the decal. 
  2. After windshield has completely dried prepare the decal for application by firmly/but gently pressing the vinyl into the transfer tape. This is done by us prior to shipment, but can come loose during transit. Do not use too much pressure to ensure no damage occurs to the transfer tape. This step is important for ensuring no bubbles, as well as that your vinyl is properly adhered to the transfer tape. You can do this using a felt edge squeegee, or by wrapping a microfiber over a credit card, etc. 
  3. Find the perfect placement for your decal. We suggest using masking tape of some sort to hold the decal/banner in place for installation. Remember that vinyl cannot be repositioned once it has been applied. 
  4. Peel the paper backing off the decal. If the decal clings to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat step 2. Smaller details can sometimes be tricky, we suggest using your fingers to push against the backing paper gently forcing the decal to cling to the transfer tape. Be mindful not to tear the vinyl. Using a 45 degree angle from left to right to remove the backing is recommended. 
  5. Place the sticker onto the desired surface and press it down firmly, starting at the center and working outwards. If there are air bubbles, try to work them out towards the edges. Any remaining large air bubbles can be removed with a pin.
     You can use a felt squeegee, a microfiber and your hands, a credit card, etc. whatever you use be sure to be firm yet gentle to ensure you don't damage the vinyl.
    For best results, we advise waiting 10-15 minutes for sufficient adhesion to take place before moving on to the next step
  6. Slowly peel the application tape off. Pulling parallel to the surface is the best option. Do not pull upward or you risk removing the vinyl with the transfer tape. If you notice this happening, gently reapply and repeat step 5 before attempting to remove the application tape again.
If you have any questions you can always contact us using the contact form.